We are IFS-Food certified according to version 7 and meet the highest hygiene and safety standards in the food area. our quality management system is internationally recognised and has proven its worth to our customers. Annual audits will create sustainable safety in handling of foods for our customers and for us.

The current IFS certificate can be viewed and downloaded here:
IFS-certificate (German and English)

Our production is aligned with implementing changes to the laws and technical improvements without delay, keeping our product always up to date. The ideal production conditions correspond to the food hygiene regulation (LMHV) and are certified to HACCP.

This comprehensive HACCP concept (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is part of the danger analysis, creating the safety for production of high-quality products for consumers. Thus, our customers can be certain that every product they receive is not only made of high-quality raw materials, carefully produced and strictly inspected, but that it has also passed our internal quality inspection.

Carl Lipmann & Co. KG (GmbH & Co.) has the EC approval number DE NI 11030 EG, which documents that the company is an operation approved in the EU for selection and refining of natural casings.

Lipco - the standard for quality since 1895