Partners and suppliers

Satisfied customers and suppliers with a true and trusting partnership - this is what Carl Lipmann & Co. KG want to achieve. This is what our name has been standing for since 1895.

Our main production sites are in Europe, Peru, China and Turkey. These productions are leading in quality and quantity around the world. In the other countries where we work with contracted production, we also maintain partnerships of several decades.

Over the many years, true partnerships have grown and we are thankful for the trust you have put in us.

Maintenance of the standards of  „Fairen Handels“. is a pillar of our corporate philosophy. The three important pillars:

  • Economy (stable prices, long-term trade relationships, safe and fair payment, etc.)
  • Ecology (list of forbidden substances, environmentally compatible production conditions, promotion of biological conditions, etc.)
  • Social (working conditions, discrimination prohibition, no child labour, etc.)

are thus at the focus of our daily work. Carl Lipmann & Co. KG (GmbH & Co.) is the oldest natural casings company in Germany. Compliance with Fair Trade has been our principle since 1895 and is forming the basis for good customer and supplier relationships.