Hog casings

The selected small intestine of hog is the most frequently used natural casing.

The selected hog casings are either from European or Chinese animals.

Raw, boiled and cooked sausages: Bratwurst, Bockwurst, fresh black pudding, ground pork sausage, Knacker, white sausage, Landjäger, Cabanossi, Lyoner

Hog casings should be stored cool. +4°C to +8°C are ideal. All hog casings are stored in brine or covered with salt and protected from light in closed containers.

120 days salted
60 days ready to be filled or soft tubes

Item description:
Our European and Chinese premium hog casings are characterised by being particularly tender to the bite. We offer European hog casings with and without "beards“. The Chinese hog casings are those without "beards“.


24/2626/2828/3030/3232/3434/3636/3838/4040/4242/4445/+Special selections

Long ends

2 m/+3 m/+5 m/+8 m/+10 m/+14 m/+


AA Bockwurst quality (without veins)A Bratwurst quality


SaltedReady to be filled in net or bagSoft tubes


DrumsBucketsCasksE2-boxesCardboard boxes

Before production, the hog casings must be treated as described below. Salted hog casings should be soaked in cold water over night. Before filling, the casings should soak in water at +30°C to +35°C for about 10 minutes again.

Hog casings used with modern filling machines

1. Bratwurst in hog casing
Handtmann filling machine

2. Bratwurst in hog casing
Handtmann filling machine

3. Bockwurst in hog casing
Handtmann filling machine

4. Bockwurst in hog casing
Handtmann filling machine

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