Hog fat-ends/sow fat-ends

Fat-ends are the rear parts of the rectum in animals for slaughter.

The hog fat-ends and sow fat-ends are either from European or Chinese animals.

Black pudding and liver sausage, Gelbwurst, cotechino, saveloy, Gutsfleischwurst

Hog and sow fat-ends should be stored cool. +4°C to +8°C are ideal. All fat-ends are stored in brine or covered with salt and protected from light in closed containers

120 days salted

Item description:
Our European and Chinese premium hog/sow fat-ends have a rustic look and a slightly conical shape.


Selected according to filling weights, available from 0.5 kg to 2.5 kg


Selected for high strength
Clean and meaty


35 cm40 cm45 cm50 cm55 cm60 cm65 cm70 cm


25 per bundle
Manually bound with loop
On request, different loop colours are available


DrumsBucketsCasksE2-boxesCardboard boxes

Before production, the fat-ends must be treated as described below. Salted hog fat-ends/sow fat-ends should be soaked in cold water over night. Before filling, the fat-ends should soak in water at +30°C to +35°C for about 60 minutes again.

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