Logistics and storage

Best and immediate ability to deliver is the primary customer wish in addition to quality. Lipmann meets it perfectly. How is this possible?

With our experience, we design our procurement processes in a very foresighted manner. The known seasonal business is considered as well as trends and market developments

Our immense storage volume with several cold storages creates the basis for quick reactions to market requirements, so that even large deliveries can be put into practice quickly and without complications.

Our long experience has shown that all processes must be customised to our customers. We recognised early on that our increasingly global world makes it impossible for company-internal transport vehicles to offer individual, wide-spread and ideal customer supply. This was solved by cooperating with flexible, reliable and established logistics exports for the food industry. A modern fleet without capacity bottlenecks is an essential benefit, creating an extra "plus" for you. At the moment, we cooperate with the following logistics partners: Kraftverkehr Nagel, Dachser, Kühne&Nagel and DHL. Strong partners for fast service.

Our efficient logistics management enables us to implement very short delivery times. All process steps are precisely aligned with each other. Usually, goods are shipped on the same day if the order is received by 11 AM. From our logistics centre in Lüneburg, we are able to supply our customers in Germany within 24 hours in 95% of all cases.

Within Europe, we usually manage to deliver in 24 - 48 hours to the countries adjacent to Germany. Customers in other European nations can usually be reached within 3-5 days.